JERALD HARSCHER (Paddington Bear) is an award-winning classical guitarist who has appeared in all seven of Madame Soloway’s Shlock Operas. Surprise—a Bach freak without the frown! Jerald’s recording debut “this I know” is a solo artist’s splendid exploration of a never-never-land weaving between record bins. A land where Jerald’s trademark percussive frailing tactics coexist beautifully with his solo acoustic version of Peter Gabriel’s rock anthem “Solsbury Hill” and streaming classical guitar reviving a 300 year old Bach counterpoint. Thanks to his Yoga practice, a 2000 year old discipline that emulates animals, Jerald has successfully completed the cycle from biped to quadruped and back again through the roles of Dr. Goodbody, Puddin’ the horse and now Paddington Bear.

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