Edited By Carly Carioli

Jesus Has
Two Mommies

FRIDAY AND SATURDAY. Lord, hold onto Your hat; local folk-rocker Faith Soloway has outdone herself again. The singer/songwriter responsible for last years gonzo folk-rock beauty pageant Miss Folk America returns at the writer/director/star of a gonzo interfaith gay folk-rock Nativity pageant entitled Jesus Has Two Mommies. Plot summary? Sure. It seems Faith a, "nerdy Jewish lesbian on the edge of a total nervous breakdown," can't bring herself to tie the knot with her Catholic girlfriend, Cathy, even though they're about to give birth to a child conceived via artificial insemination. To complicate matters, Faith suddenly finds Jesus – at the Mystic Mall, natch. And He, along with the effeminate angel Gaybriel, relates the New Testament as "a rock 'n roll, gender-bending musical fantasy...(set) in a Nazareth gay bar called the Burnin' Such" Starring a holy trinity of local singer/songwriter chicks – Soloway, Catie Curtis and Jennifer Kimball – along with Sean Staples as Jesus and Merle Perkins as God, plus guest spots by Jim Infantino, Meghan Toohey, Jabe Beyer, Ry Cavanaugh, and others, this is guaranteed to be one of the local musical events of the year. Performances are Friday and Saturday at 8:00 PM at the Somerville Theater, 55 Davis Square. Tickets are $20 to $25; call (617)628-3390