Go! Saturday
By Christopher Muther


We don't understand the controversy surrounding Faith Soloway's "Jesus Has Two Mommies." It's a touching girl-meets-girl story, only the lesbians in this musical extravaganza don't need to visit a fertility clinic to have a baby. Soloway adds her own semi-autobiographical tale in the mix, starring as a nerdy Jewish Lesbian (now there's a stretch) with a baby of her own on the way, and a fear of walking down the aisle with her Catholic girlfriend. Although Soloway has a reputation as a folk singer, "Jesus" feels more like Christmas at Studio 54, minus all the white stuff. This feel-good holiday romp returns today to the Copley Theater at 5 and 9. Jennifer Kimball is proving herself as adept at comedy as she is at singing folk. Someone get her a sit-com. And could Sean Staples look any more like Jesus?

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Jennifer Kimball in "Jesus Has Two Mommies."
Somebody get her a sit-com!