The Boston Globe, Dec 1, 2001
"It's almost as if her thick-framed black glasses enable her to look into a parallel universe..."

Bay Windows: Oct 23, 2003
"Whatever lookms in her wacky mind will surely spark another evening of musical mayhem you won't want to miss"

The Boston Globe: Nov. 2, 1997
"Though she explores the dark corners of the human condition with a poet's zeal, she also does it with a keen wit and kindhearted empathy that makes her the rarest of artistic creatures, a likable cynic."

The Advocate: Aug 13, 2001
"Gets laughs by challenging PC attitudes"

Billboard: Sept. 19, 1998
"her songs work on multipul dimentions, and they're keenly observed with lithe melodies."

The Boston Globe: Nov 30, 2003
we've been patiently waiting for this twisted sistah to emerge with a fresh schlock opera."


The Boston Globe: Dec. 6, 2002
"This Year, "Two Mommies' is as controversial as it is comical

The Advocate: Dec. 25, 2001
"...puts a wild spin on the Nativity..."

The Boston Globe: Dec. 22, 2001
feels like Christmas at Studio 54, minus the white stuff."

Bay Windows: Dec. 22, 2001
"... a funny holiday send-up about a serious subject...'"

The Boston Herald: Dec. 14th, 2001
"'s both impressive and cheesy, sophiticated and adolescent."

The Boston Phoenix:: Nov. 30, 2001
" of THE local musical events of the year."


Bay Windows: Nov. 13, 2000
"The acoustic equivalent of 'This is Spinal Tap'"

The Boston Globe, Nov. 13, 2000
"A smart, madcap blend of skits, songs, and video clips"

The Boston Herald: Nov. 24th, 2000
Truly hilarious... uninhibited cast.

Bay Windows: May 10th, 2001
"...wickedly funny spoof of the competitiveness of the local folk-music world..."

In Newsweekly, May 24, 2001
If only every pageant were like a Faith Soloway Schlock Opera.

Listen to an interview with Faith, Catie and Mary on WBUR's Here and Now


New York Times: July 22, 1991
"...surrealistic and hilarious."

People Magazine: July, 1991
"The Real Live Brady Bunch is a hilarious expedition into a milk-and-cookies past."

USA Today: July 21 1991
"A hoplessly hokey stage version of the perennial perky TV show"

Rolling Stone: Nov, 1991
"An underground hit"

Chicago Tribune: Nov. 15, 1991
"The Brady Bunch, that last of the sanitized sitcoms...has been reincarnated."